Living the Full Bible

Living the Full Bible takes a fresh approach to lay out an orderly, readable, and productive tour of the Bible. Readers’ understandings are built, layer upon layer, until they have a strong foundation for their views of who God is, who we are (and who we may become), what our God-given mission is, and how our community of faith can help prepare us for our mission. Readers have noted that it has significantly developed their relationship with God, their spiritual formation, their mission awareness, and their ideas about church renewal. There are many “Aha!” moments along the way. Some have called it, “Life-changing!”

Living the Full Bible is respectfully open to readers of many traditions. Each branch of the church may encounter some challenging words, but will also find affirmations of some of their special concerns. This book does not draw conclusions for its readers, but does lay the Bible’s unified message open for careful consideration as they seek God’s leading. Many readers have expressed excitement about discovering how unified the Bible is. The book presents twenty thematic threads that run through the Bible, weaving together into a rich tapestry with vibrant visions for the future of Christ’s followers!

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Having now written this book, I am confident that there are persistent threads running from Genesis to Revelation that may be traced and woven together into a consistent tapestry of God's revealed will. If God's people will learn to recognize the threads and the tapestry, their life together will take on new form, power, and effectiveness. - John J.Turner