This book is written for all who desire a fresh, compelling experience of God's actively reigning glory, and for all who want to be prepared to give a faithful, biblical account of the reasons for their hope. - John J. Turner


Living the Full Bible is scholarly yet accessible, bringing lofty ideas down to earth. Those who read this book with commitment will find themselves with a knowledge of the scriptures that far surpasses the average Christian’s. Yet, this book is not just about getting our facts straight about God, but also about compelling us to know God personally, intimately, and experientially. John Turner opens our eyes to who God is, and at the same time we come to know who we are and why we are here. His book...has a depth and timelessness to which we can turn again and again as we walk with God. This book could easily become a classic. It paints a vivid picture of who God is and invites to participate in His glory and thus become all God wants us to be. Turner writes as if he is introducing us to someone he loves rather than presenting cold theology. He invites us to see ourselves and our neighbor in the light of who God is and all that He has accomplished. Only after the foundation of Christ is laid does he turn to the things we must do. Such a perspective is very refreshing, and it reveals our walk with God to be a joy and a privilege rather than a burden.
Doug Reed, author of God Is a Gift: Learning to Live in Grace, pastor of the world-renowned Thorncrown Chapel, Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

I have neither discovered nor heard about a text which matches Living the Full Bible in organization, personality, passion, or purpose. I could see this book becoming a devotional classic. It is refreshing, responsible, readable, and reverent. It has the integrity of scholarly standards and practice, yet it is accessible to students and laity. It holds both Scripture and Tradition in high regard, affirming the ultimate authority of the Living Word of God. It is a constant reminder of salvation history. It draws on the words of a "great cloud of witnesses" as well as the author’s own experience of living, listening, and lifelong learning. This book is exciting; a page-turner. It is a sound reference for pastors seeking refreshment and a reminder of the foundation of Christian faith. Most of all, I anticipate this becoming a top choice for lay biblical literacy initiatives.
Robert L. Harris, Ph.D., President, Christian College of Georgia; Secretary, Mission for Biblical Literacy; Athens, Georgia.

A wonderful study guide for a fellowship group or a group of pastors. Treats the Bible not just as a library, but also as a unified book. Scholarly AND accessible.
Rev. Jamie Brame, Church Relations Director, Christmount, Black Mountain, North Carolina.

A good read and a true blessing! Tracing threads that run from Genesis to Revelation, and stating truths effectively but compassionately, this book shows that the Bible is a guide for living our lives. Both new and seasoned Christian readers of all denominational backgrounds will gain life-enhancing, practical insights. I am giving copies to our pastoral staff because I know that this book will enrich our church, our outreach, and our small group studies.
Mark Strough, health food store proprietor, nondenominational, Berryville, Arkansas.

I can’t wait to use John Turner’s Living the Full Bible as a resource for planning preaching and teaching, and to recommend it to the preachers I teach and coach. For each of 20 thematic threads running from Genesis to Revelation, Turner provides word studies, translation comparisons, theological background, and often observations and questions gathered from participants in the groups he has led using this material. His scholarship is thorough and solid, but there is a sense that the author is staying out of the way and letting the Bible speak for itself. This book will help the thematic preacher find a range of texts, along with multiple application points, for designing sermon series with biblical depth. All preachers will be able quickly and easily to add breadth, depth, interest, and additional light to their sermons by using the resources in this book. Any individual or small group desiring a more comprehensive understanding of Scripture will be stimulated by Turner’s assistance in answering the question, “What else does the Bible have to say about that?”
Rev. Dr. Howard L. White, Senior Pastor, Wesley United Methodist Church of Macomb, IL; Preaching Instructor, The School for License as a Local Pastor, Illinois Great Rivers Conference of the United Methodist Church.

Deep, but not too deep; informative, but not over-whelming; Living the Full Bible can be grasped by the non-specialist reader. It is a comprehensive combination of serious study and enlightening good news that the God of the Bible was with us in creation, is with us in our daily lives, and will continue to be with us for all eternity. There are thematic threads running through the full Bible that many of us have ignored, or missed in our daily Bible reading and Bible studies, and to pass over these important parts of Scripture is a loss to our spiritual lives. These threads are developed in this book to strengthen your faith and touch your heart and mind, opening you to the full glory of our Lord.
Bob Goodwin, retired bank officer, Sunday school teacher, nondenominational, Indianapolis, Indiana.

Living the Full Bible has helped me understand that I am no longer exiled from the garden; rather, Christ compels me to cultivate Eden within. The concepts set forth in this book have helped me cast aside mere religiosity and embrace God's real righteousness. I recommend this book for anyone who wants to go deep into Scripture and come out the other side changed forever.
Amy Crumpton, author and counselor, nondenominational, Bentonville, Arkansas.

The depth of John Turner’s understanding coupled with his teaching is evident throughout this book. With commendable love, compassion, and insight he helps us understand what the Bible is telling us. He backs up what he is saying with references to Scripture and scholars. Truly this is a book that needs to be in everyone’s library.
Gale Schuppenhauer, Disabled Veteran, nondenominational, Green Forest, Arkansas.

John Turner, in Living the Full Bible, has masterfully woven together the separate threads of the Bible into an all-covering tapestry, rich in meanings that we can wrap around ourselves. Whether we use John’s book for home study, Bible school, small group study, an academic setting, or in a church-wide book study, Living the Full Bible is sure to show us the fullness of God’s word.
Ken Hale, machine shop proprietor, Southern Baptist, Berryville, Arkansas.

All who read and study this thorough, well-researched volume will find that not only are their questions answered, but also that their faith has been made stronger as a result. This outstanding book should be a companion for everyone’s reading and study of the Bible. In his introduction, John Turner acknowledges that some may call him an amateur Bible scholar. He accepts the term if it is understood to mean, for the love of it, for, he says, “I truly and intensely love and value the Scriptures.” That’s the type of scholar I want to guide me through the Bible.
Bob Thomas, Marketing Director, Sunday school teacher, Springdale, Arkansas.

John Turner is the "real thing."  Having sat alongside him as some new piece of thread of a theme weaving through the Bible became crystal clear to him, and having witnessed the excitement and pure joy that brought to him, I can attest that this is no ordinary Bible scholar. Scholarly? Yes. But you'll also find between the pages of this book many open doors inviting you to a new depth of relationship with the Living God. Don’t rush through the chapters. Sit and savor every new perspective. Prepare to be changed!
Vivian Potee, spiritual gifts consultant, Rogers, Arkansas.

Living the Full Bible clearly shows the common themes flowing throughout the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. This book should be required reading for those who believe the Old Testament is not applicable today. It is an excellent resource for Sunday school teachers and other church leaders in explaining who God is and what he wants from us.
Loretta Tanner, retired, elder and Sunday school teacher, Christian (Disciples), Berryville, Arkansas.

I have known and studied under John Turner for several years.  He is a dedicated Christian teacher.  His work is thorough and in-depth.  I recommend this book because you will be blessed and educated as you read it. Betty Gidden, retired educator, independent church-goer, Harrison, Arkansas